Friday, January 11, 2008

Readers' Comments on's Articles Are Worth Close to Zilch and Will Vanish After a Couple of Days

Apparently, Le Monde's editors have decided that subscribers' comments on certain articles should disappear, totally and without trace, as the article enters its paying mode after a couple of days.

Not that previously, readers had been especially well-treated in the matter — they were (and still are) allowed a limit of two reactions per article with a limit of 500 characters each! Now even those crumbs are to be taken away (after a few days) as the — separate — URL page(s) for readers' opinions, notes, kudos, and/or criticism vanish once the article is no longer free. In other words, only the deeply profound words of Le Monde's wiser-than-thou journalists will remain; the contributions, important or otherwise, of readers will not.

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