Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hissy Fit Nation

In France, when a Right Wing Guy gets angry he is considered to be uncontrolable and dangerous (and something akin to a Nazi). When a Left Wing Broad totally loses it, she is simply expressing her righteous indignation. Last night, after a smear campaign of several weeks during which French Socialists painted Sarkozy as unstable and prone to temper tantrums, Ségolène Royal had a hysterical meltdown during her debate with Nicolas Sarkozy. This morning, French Lefties are boasting about the fighting spirit of their candidate. It wasn't anger you understand (as they talk down to you as French Lefties always do) -- it was healthy ire in the face of injustice.
UPDATE: Ségolène's hissy fit can be seen here.
UPDATE: LCI news is announcing that, according to a poll by OpinionWay, Sarkozy was considered to be more convincing by 53% of debate viewers. Royal was judged more convincing by 31%. The Socialist Party has already issued a statement trashing the poll.

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