Friday, May 04, 2007

Good idea. Just one question. Who will be escorting the escorters?

One tragicomic moment during the Sarko-Ségo debate was when Royal attacked Sarkozy on France's high crime rate by shamelessly exploiting the recent rapes of 2 off-duty policewomen in Bobigny. After laying the blame on Sarkozy's stint as Interior Minister she went on to expose her solution to the problem: if she is elected, she promised to have all off-duty policewomen escorted by... the police! Folks, you can't make this shit up. It's a French Socialist mindset sputtering away on all cylinders.

As for the rapists. Well. She had nothing to say about them.

Ségolène's brainstorm can be seen here. Part 2 at 1:46 (8:27 if the timer counts backwards).

Hey Ségolène, why not create special emploi jeune McJobs and have the policewomen escorted by French youths?

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