Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pour le PS, ça part en couilles

The final poll before the actual vote gives Sarkozy 55%, a score which has been rising steadily since the debate earlier this week (which the French preSS saw as a win for the combative and pugnacious Ségolène -- it would seem that the French public, for whom she came across as shrill and hysterical, begs to differ). Ségolène Royal, when not making catastrophic proclamations of impending doom should Sarkozy be elected, is making impassioned calls to the French to ignore all polls before Sunday's vote. Behind the scenes, Socialist top guns are already thinking about how to get rid of head honcho François "Flanby" Hollande who is on the verge of losing a 3rd straight Presidential election for his Party. The défaitisme at the Socialist Party is such that certain talking heads are stating that, at 47% of the vote Ségolène Royal will chalk up a symbolic victory.

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