Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wow, he must sure think he's "deep," y'know man?

Pink Floyd's peddler of paraded perpetual pain ignores just where it is the terror has come from for 40 years, and like the Euro-preSS, refuses to direct attention to
insurgents killing Iraqis, only Americans killing anyone they can feature on page 1. Daily they become more and more enamored with those rollicking days of 70's era murders, hijackings, and kidnappings by nebulously well funded bands of "passionate youth".

Face people like this, and you get a long, irrational story of how they contextualize their life, and whatever selective experience they tell you about, into their opinions. It's a poor substitution for making moral and ethical choices. When you transpose their opinions into the world of domestic crime, the conclusion would be to not bother investigating murder for reasons they assume are not worth explaining.

As for Searle, I don't care how he tries to explain his lack of perspective to himself, or tries to explain that it's due to some interpretive Catholicism, or because he really loves his country, or any number of other lines I've heard – these people are covering for murderous gangs, just as they did when they were in love with Castro, the Sandanistas, and Pol Pot.

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