Thursday, February 08, 2007

Radical, Revolutionary, Socialist “Equilibrium”

How a Socialist former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas learned to love the (Iranian) bomb. This makes collective and socialistic sense: because Iran’s missiles are pointed at Socialism’s great rhetorical enemies – any society that looks like his own.

As such, he’s willing to imagine that some body “makes the law” which can’t be true or necessary in a world where strategic balances determine the state of relations, and is more than willing to cave in to threats for one simple reason: the US, he believes, will permit it’s well being to be jeopardized by fickle European elite playing PR to a fickle European public.

For François Mitterrand’s former [foreign] minister, “it is not inevitable that to have the atomic bomb is a worsening factor”. “It is a function of reestablishing of the balance and which says balance, known as maintenance of the peace”, he added. “On the contrary, if in an area of the world an over-armed powerful country has the atomic bomb they get to make the law”, explained Roland Dumas. He called for “a general negotiation with Iran to begin very quickly”. Last week, a maintenance with Jacques Chirac to the New Observer, New York Times and International Herald Tribune caused a sharp reaction. Before reconsidering his remarks, the president had considered openly that Teheran could become a nuclear power.
As if there ever was a strategic balance or a moment of peace between the parties in the Gulf to begin with, and blocking Iran’s nuclear ambitions were even in Chirac’s power, or that anyone will even ask France what it thinks.

Except for an ability to make the law by threatening to nuke Iran in retaliation of a nuclear strike, they have nothing to say to this point – period – and they certainly aren’t going to use their world-beating ”bravitude” to “lay down the law.”

The only way to believe that an nuclear armed Iran would create a strategic balance would be to assume that Saudi Arabia doesn’t exist, and heeb-hating mites are nesting in your overly coiffed aging scalp.

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