Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Author's Name Says It All

...George Bush's legacy will be all about the war. It seems certain that he'll be remembered, mostly, for soldiers killed, billions wasted, terrorism spawned and worse decisions on top of bad ones. ...
Unless you can’t even agree with yourself:
They'll remember George Bush in near apocalyptic terms. He'll be the denier-in-chief who failed to acknowledge, much less confront, the coming ecological catastrophe.
etc., etc., Katrina, Katrina, etc., etc.
Weather patterns and ocean currents, the product of ''unevenly heated rotating fluids,'' are already difficult enough to predict. ``It's like being at a bank when a crack addict robs it. You don't want to get the crack addict excited.''
You see, they USED to be able to predict the weather, and as for not wanting to anger a crack addict, the red-cum-green left were the ones most likely to appease the Soviets and Eastern Europeans whose “robust,” "solidaristic," and cheerful collective industries polluted beyond belief, and had no difficulty romanticizing that form of labor by compulsion. That CO2 emissions are rising 3 times faster in Holy Land of Europe than they are in the US doesn’t seem to matter to this clown when he’s dispensing other peoples' “legacies” while his appears to be, well, his miserable nature, and this hateful column of his.
- The scribbler’s name is Fred Grimm
The Fuse is Lit (No Pasaran!)

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