Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sanctimonious Nonsense Favored over Reporting

The BBC, ready to report yet more of that comfort food for aging radical-symps that they like to call news, leaps on a statement by Putin that the US is “very dangerous” and is using almost unconstrained force around the world. This from a man more than willing to use unconstrained force on journalist and his own population. After all, THAT’S okay – there’s a long, auspicious tradition of that... Lost is the fact that Putin has a stranglehold on Europe’s energy, and is manipulating it to effect.

The irony is that Putin’s statement isn’t carried on the World Service or Radio 4, but appears on the top of their news page today along with what amount to an advert for Airbus, which BBC listeners might be shocked to find out is actually a corporation.

Iranian nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani is among delegates at the conference.

The conference, founded in 1962, has become an annual opportunity for world leaders to discuss the most pressing issues of the day.
On their planet, the Soviets attended western power security summits in 1962.

Funnier still, the story titled with Putin’s slag has virtually nothing to do with the US, and reveals quite plainly that the dynamics of the event reported were over a disagreement in approach between Merkel and Putin vis-à-vis Iran and nukes. The smear of the US was a throwaway line, and a distraction, and yet the all-knowing anonymous sophisticate from the BBC fell for it.

Nonetheless, modesty must be stopping them from addressing this part of the report:
European diplomats are hoping to hold informal talks with Mr Larijani at the two-day summit.

It would be their first meeting since the collapse of talks last year and the imposition of limited UN sanctions on Tehran for its failure to stop the enrichment of uranium.
It’s baffling that they won’t discuss that tremendous bit of diplomatic success. After years of pressure, the Iranians might talk to Europe about the nukes that they’re building to put on the missiles with a range designed specifically to hit Europe.

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