Wednesday, October 11, 2006

That pathetic air of superiority and entitlement

Gideon Rachman on what Greek politician and EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas believes he’s entitled to:

If I, an American living in Brooklyn New York, do not have the right to vote in any European country (and rightly so!) what makes a pompous cretin with a bloated sense of worth, like you, think that you have the right to vote in my country?
Ironically, as a politico he should know the value of every legitimate, solid, mandate giving vote he’s ever gotten, but obviously believes that it’s only of value to him, and to hell with yours’.
With no view of the future or even with a basis in logic or morality, he’s sure that some issue of his matters more than any in the future might have.

Like the welfare state that only survives one generation, he’s prepared to put sovereignty in the same dustbin as long as he gets his way. His sniffing and snorting will never get it back if he changed his mind.

Inasmuch as official Europe wants people to vote as little as possible, especially on whether or not they willingly want to join official Europe, one can hardly be surprised.

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