Friday, October 13, 2006

Know the enemy

Two-faced, fork tongued, double language speaking Tariq Ramadan. Ramadan has a large following among Western touchy-feely types. Ramadan declared on French State TV that the continued stoning of women (a method approved of by his Islamist activist brother, for example) should be subject to a moratorium and debated before the oumma, Ramadan waffling something to the effect that without a debate led by Muslim authorities, any condemnantion of such practices would be moot. Apparently, it is politically correct for Ramadan to insinuate that Muslims are bloodthirsty, simple minded savages that require education from enlightened beings. Recordings of Ramadan's incendiary speeches, spoken in Arabic, are best sellers in the France's suburbs and rank right up there with Daniel Pearl and Nick Berg snuff videos as the most prised elements of French youth popular culture.

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