Monday, October 09, 2006

Everything gives you cancer

Numberwatch is website created by Prof. John Brignell who has been tracking environmental hysteria and the innumerable phenomena that the non-scientific and incurious attempt to attribute to Climate Change©® to satisfy their need to believe in their own rationality.

Take a moment and look at the list. Imagine for a moment that there are people so satisfied by the “Diaboli Ex Machina” explanation of all of these things that they are no longer worth studying (such as yellow fever, for example) because they can be explained away with one of Al Gore’s megalomaniacal stares.

Galileo had it easy compared to any scientist or scholar looking for other causes for, say, stress fractures in drain receptors, taxation policy, or happy reindeer, among other things. However it DOES explain one thing: a rise in the number of people with nebulous Liberal Arts degrees making proclamations about science with more certainty than any scientist!

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