Sunday, January 22, 2006

Where's the outrage, man?!?

Where are mobs of kids and dessicated old hippies out in the streets howling 'Abu Greib!' and waaaanh!

Ivory Coast: French Colonel, a "peacekeeper" covered up murder.

«The three [Captains] claimed that Col Eric Burgaud also congratulated his men when they told him of the death of Firmin Mahe, suffocated to death with a plastic bag inside a French armoured vehicle in May, the officials said.»
It seems that the beast has been rotting from the neck up in France's under-reported quagmire:
«Le Figaro adds that the original report into the incident was sent to the French headquarters where General Poncet approved it, despite - as one officer claims - being "aware of what happened."»
Gen. Henri Poncet was later put under investigation for complicity in murder.

N.B. - CDR Salamander has an item up on the recent silly comments by a Dutch General on their upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, and on the dismal state of NATO. European governments and committment just don't mix:
Ah ha. There it is. Being nice and non-confrontational with the Serbs in Srebrenica went so well, I guess you want to do that wholesale in Afghanistan?

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