Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The land of the free versus the land of the freeloader, Part IV

The fact is that no-one works for a poor man – therefore markets must function at their best to support the public well being. Others still obsess over the socio-industrial complex.


«In France, a corporation is above all a social organization. Indeed, the French adjective “social(e)” can be translated as either “social” or “corporate” depending on context. Consider the importance of les syndicats (trade unions): the collective power of employees to bring business to a halt whenever demands are not met is more than just a right; it’s a national pastime. Also consider le cadre, the general term for management. The word itself has socialist connotations. Within a corporation, the term suggests a homogenization, as if individual managers all thought and acted alike—almost as if they were a part of a revolutionary army.

Not surprisingly, the individual employee is marginalized. »
Zut alors! That simply CAN'T be true!

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