Monday, January 23, 2006

The land of the free versus the land of the freeloader, Part II

No, it isnt New Orleans in days after Katrina, its what the Workers paradise that leftists keep talking about is like all the time.

As always the explanation is kept from the foot soldiers in the Childrens crusade, but eventually leaks out:
«Galloway is also known for his love of Cuban cigars, though he remains tight-lipped as to whether he has actually been skinny-dipping with the Cuban dictator. In his book, Im Not The Only One, Galloway writes of an incident when he went swimming with Castro. When asked to recall the anecdote during a subsequent interview, Galloway said: "You meet Fidel, you have to be prepared for a long night. If you are there on the right night, you end up in the Caribbean with Castro. Its quite a treat. Ill not go into what we were wearing... that would be a breach of confidence."»

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