Saturday, January 28, 2006

Ecological wine-tasting and other fits of naïvité

Further Tales from the Crypt, courtesy of a fed-up scientist. Swedish Unis are indoctrinating students with eco-babble to the point of making them into ineffectual idiots:
«Since the Swedish government has decided that every single education must include both an “ecological” and a “gender” perspective, the doomsday theories of global warming and the ideas of post-modern Marxist feminists were included in many courses. Perhaps the best example from my own studies was when I took a course in human ecology. During the first lecture the speaker proudly explained to us that the institution had been born out of the 1968 left-wing radical wave. And so the course went on explaining how socialism and an “ecological” society was the only solution for a planet soon to be exploited to death by the evil Americans, led by their conservative ideology and profits from oil companies.»
Whatever floats your boat, sparky – but where’s the science? Virtually all of it in environments and eras that have rejected Political Correctness

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