Saturday, January 28, 2006

Protocols of the Elders of the Oumma

In an effort to modify and diminish, British moonbat stokers boycott Holocaust memorial day, a day when Jews remember their lost loved ones, while most others observe them in their solemnity. The fact that they do this at all makes Jew haters in the Muslim realm and to the west, insist that their remembrance is “using” the horrors of the Shoah for their ends.

Were it not for these very people who make an effort to remember the victims, most people would not even know the word genocide, nor keep the threat of those horrors in the public mind when it happens in Rwanda, Cambodia, Turkey, Namibia and the Americas in addition to the only one Euro-lefties ever care to remember to name a few. This is not unlike the selective boycott in its’ motives. Never mind the horrors that the “peace camp” also tacitly defend.

If you really want to see a misuse and political appropriation of a horror by people who can’t make the link and also defend abortion? Lookie here

Meanwhile Saudis given to priggish snits of hypocrisy boycott Danish beer and ham. Pffffft! Cut it out - I see you sneaking that drink...

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