Thursday, January 19, 2006

Syrians still resorting to dial-a-mob tactics in Lebanon

It’s painfully obvious that the anti-American card is the last line of defense for the Syrian proxies in Lebanon. Hizballah calls for Egyptian and Saudi intervention to slow down, complicate, and stem the popular tide against the deal they made with Lebanon’s neighboring oppressor, (regardless of who they want you to think it is) and with a history of not just paying splodeydopes, but also paying flunkies to get a crowd of students out to back them.

While it’s always still accepted to continually flog anti-American without ever having to explain it, the opposite is also apparent, and the sources of their fear are plain to see: they know who’s really looking out for them. Hint: they aren’t trying to excite mobs with anger and emotionalism.

It’s also worth a look at who to the west doesn’t want to see anything change, and is dialing-up mobs elsewhere.

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