Saturday, January 21, 2006

One writer's bipolar disorder

Le Monde’s André Fontaine is jonesing for a bipolar world with Europe as a pole, and possibly an axis. The error is a simple one made frequently: when corrupt little state A in Europe deals with corrupt little state B, they think this is a model of international relations because everyone must agree to play by their rules.

What should they do? Go take a nice little nap.

An amazing leap of putting words into someone’s mouth while trying to slip in some tongue – and at the same time inflating the actual influence and meaning of a ruminant Europe and a spittle-shooting France:
«In his new year’s message Chirac explained to us all that France could draw on it’s ability to deal with everyone. But he took care to not mention in his homilies that followed the victory of the bipolar world which came at the great cost to the monopolar world of the American president and his friend Tony Blair. Europe, firmly held in hand by the Franco-German alliance, was of course to be one of the principal poles for it.

Generally, George W Bush, strongly moderated his arrogance which had characterized his first term, and this explained the pause in the constant criticism that he gets from every direction, and especially from the North American Press

Time is changing things and the veracity of the old proverb should be further noted – that closeness breeds contempt. It’s not just Iraq or Afghanistan, there’s the cerebral hemorrhage of the Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, which dashed the hopes which those remarkable changes had caused.»
The delusions are startling.

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