Monday, January 16, 2006

Bring ‘em on.

Sarkozy seems ready to come out swinging for the 2007 elections, and this in the first generation of elected officials where sleaze and corruption are useful, but aren’t prerequisite for the job.
«The government’s number two man wants to continue to make his distinctions known. For example, with regard to the Prime Minister promoting tax relief after 2007, Sarkozy noted that de Villepin had the "right to his opinions", but said that "a tax relief strategy can’t happen without first having budget cuts." Further, as he was said with some satisfaction yesterday, "we’ll see how the public votes in 2007, and what the new president decides to do about it".»
It’s just a beginning, but it bodes well. Politicking without false promises is by no means over, but for now at least, not making good on them is becoming slightly more embarrassing.

As for Sarko, he even seem to be sounding like the eminent US political theoretician Jesse Ventura...

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