Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Newer Orleans Split by "Racial Division"

You can count on Corine Lesnes to repeat the most Macchiavellian conspiracy theories possible, notably concerning racism in Katrina-stricken New(er) Orleans.

In that perspective, she mentions anger at the city's mayor — without mentioning the fact that Ray Nagin is black.

Among other things we learn, the "number of suicides has greatly increased (to seven in four months)." She accompanies the two-page article by a piece on how American youth is rediscovering racial inequalities.

Maurice Denuzière adds personal reminisces about this "ancient French soil", the French families, and "a little lady speaking faultless French". The author of the best-selling "Louisiane" saga manages to include the fact that the date of the first recorded authorities, in 1723, was on a September 11 and to express his… "indignation" at the authorities…

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