Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A Rallying Call for France's Human Rights Activists

The infamy of torture, the horrors of it all.

Now we learn that torture has led to the amputation of a young man's legs and genitilia and, last year, to the death of another man besides 200 others catching pneumonia.

Hold on. Wait a minute. The CIA is not involved? Nor the American army? Oh, it's in Russia… Well, that's another story.

But that's okay. European human rights activists can still find another scandal to rail against, such as… — oh, there's a good one: the Louvre lending art treasures to an American museum for — get this! — American dollars!

Wouldn't you know it? Critics are already up in arms and, to noone's surprise, they are castigating globalization. (No wonder France tried too keep it a "state secret".)

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