Monday, January 30, 2006

Greenies are little more than political opportunists

Michael Phillips has the enviros (and much of the far left right now) pegged:

«The absence of protests about the plutonium powered generator on the Pluto orbiter two days ago has meaning to me.
They have discounted the threat of Saddam Hussein’s weapons program, they attacked the president and the intelligence services for over reacting to the threat of nuclear weapons and they oppose preemptive military action against Iran and North Korea. They have little moral standing to protest a cigarette package amount of plutonium.

Lastly, I believe that the great 45-65 year old post hippie generation is so depressed by their perceived failure to change the world, that they can do little more than smoke dope, watch TV and pop Prozac.»
It’s time they joined that pantheon of eminently forgettable bits and bobs of historical driftwood.

Meanwhile, Steve over at Marxist Byproducts points out further that the left's hand is still twitching: the ACLU is still targeting legal methods that a government has to protect its' population, much like the British who were willing to fight the First World War to the last Canadian.

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