Wednesday, February 01, 2006

No one is less tolerant than those demanding tolerance

Despite how relatively tame the [Danish newspaper's] pictures actually are (compared not only to Western standards, but also to the vicious, anti-Semitic propaganda regularly churned out by Arab cartoonists), the [Jyllands Posten's] drawings have literally inflamed the radical Muslim world and its apologists
writes Michelle Malkin.
…those groups most vocal in demanding tolerance from others are usually themselves the least tolerant
adds Kathleen Parker in her article quoting Doug Marlette, another cartoonist under an Islamist death threat:
"The genius of Western democracy is that there should be no 'special' rights or privileges for any group or class of people. All are created equal and are treated equally under the law. Law is insensitive that way. And so is intellectual inquiry. And so is good satire."
Doug Marlette, who also says "No one is less tolerant than those demanding tolerance", incorporates that sentence in a moving reply that is a must-read.

Of course, all this is ignorant of the utmost respect that citizens of the Muslim world, Muslim cartoonists (shookhran to RV) as well as others, are in the habit of showing for outsiders.

Update: Is it true that one is not allowed to show pictures of the Prophet Mohammed in Muslim countries?

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