Sunday, January 29, 2006

More French Journalism on the Past, Racism, and… Journalism

Four months after Katrina, Corine Lesnes paints the portrait of a French teacher who had gone to Louisiana to teach French.

Meanwhile, Arrno Klarsfeld enters the fray regarding France, its (so-called) collective memory, and its attitude towards the past, whether harkis or slaves. It is on everybody's lips these days, including those of Dominique Dhombres, and Jacques Chirac has now asked that the part of the law that led to the debate be abrogated.

Strangely enough (because it was in the same paper edition of the paper as the above articles), Gérard Courtois's book review of the Edwy Plenel book that castigates the newspaper that he was editor-in-chief of for eight years has already become but an abstract on the Le Monde website.

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