Monday, January 30, 2006

Danes currently under cyber-attack - as if doing this will reverse the past.

Mr. Sand points out just how loony and misdirected the boycott on Danish goods really is. But the boys from bitter-end have turned their love of universal peace on the Danish media’s internet outlets going on the theory that Danes will understand the text, accept, and suddenly start crying at the sight of redirections and denial of service attacks:

«What hasnt been reported is, that Denmark has likewise come under cyber attack. From the paper Politiken [ED.: site is still inoperative] friday:
Hacker attack paralyzed news media

A large number of Danish papers´ web versions have crashed. Suspicions immediately center on the hacker attacks being because of the Mohammed-drawings in Jyllands-Posten.»
Lovely little boycotters. They are the world. They are the children, and so forth...

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