Friday, January 13, 2006

“The Free Encyclopedia” – a project to construct lies and rewrite history

There will always be people out there for whom reason is not terribly relevant, people who casually toss out statements in an attempt to make their emotions into facts, and find events to be little more than pliable instrument to support their view of the world. To set out on such a project is to plan to construct lies in plain daylight.

Their motives are often laid bare within the same paragraph. How much of the second thought has anything to do with 9/11:

«With the Internet, the stratagems used by war-planners to trick civilian populations into fighting wars is becoming common knowledge. Because of this, 9/11 is now recognized as the latest incident in a long-line of state-sponsored war pretext incidents.

In general, the Internet has served as a disruptive technology to the "business model" usually employed by the ruling classes throughout history: tricking the mass of humanity into killing each other off in wars designed to increase the profits of their overlords.

This website represents a collaborative initiative to document the findings of the 9/11 Truth Movement and to facilitate and speed the emergence of 9/11 truth into the mainstream media.

The 2.0 represents the 9/11 Truth Movement's push to cause a second wave of understanding concerning 9/11 to engulf the public consciousness.»
I occasionally meet people like this. They are only capable of understanding another world view when you put it in the context of their own lives, or to try to have them empathize with someone else’s. I tell them about what I saw of the lives of the people living in the socialist paradise of the DDR when I lived there, often to get nothing more than a dull stare that comes with the precursor of being aware of anything outside their extremely limited frame of reference.

Note the use of 40 year old language about “false consciousness”, the attempt to revive the image from the fever swamps of a ratty off-campus apartments in the 70s with hip sounding software termonology, and the lack of guilt at coming right out and telling the reader that they plan on re-writing events.

It’s done with the same desperation of past attempts at keeping reality at bay from the garrets of their isolationism and lack of understanding of people outside of the subculture in their own societies, let alone any other place on earth. The saddest part is that the link appeared as a Google Ad.

Follow the money.

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