Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ché pimps chocolates, we pimp Ché's carrion

One of the most amusing American-Expat blogs that I’ve run across is Observing Hermann. Normally he’s funny, but this one takes the cake, exposing that typically bad German marketing, complete with blasting the gain during the television ad, and ideas as repetitious as they are dimwitted:

«Hermann came running into the kitchen screaming his lungs out but I didn’t make it back to the TV in time. The new Merci commercial is out and it’s the biggest abomination yet, he says. It’s no cheesier than any of the other ones they’ve done in the past, he says, but gulp-gasp-oh-my-God it’s “depicting” the holy image of Che Guevara himself!

This particular commercial features Che as a poster (not a new concept) and he apparently gazes down approvingly at the Merci box during some hippie-esque 60s flashback and then there are one or two other sudden distortions in the space-time continuum and then we end up back in our time period/zone again and somebody gets stuck with the chocolate box after a wedding or something.»
And here I thought under Communism we were all supposed to dispose of our bourgeois pleasures and eat our spinach...

...and do it unhappily, at that.

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