Saturday, January 14, 2006

James Wolcott, misogynist and Anti-Semite

He’s like a social butterfly, with a solipsistic Manson-esque twist. Opening himself up to the obvious, he went after Pamela, the twisted sister behind the top-shelf blog “Atlas Shrugs.”

Said Pamela of that strange man with the 'Thumb Fetish':

«For Wolcott, if you are a woman with an opinion that differs from his, you are tits and ass, chum for his pack of mindless dogs.»
Do you really want to know just how much of a hack he is? Here’s a sample:
«Hindered by the bashful modesty that is the byproduct of my Catholic upbringing, I can't take credit for the swift cosmic justice meted out to Michael Fumento after he saw fit to challenge me in a war of wits.»
Good grief. He WRITES for a living? I wouldn’t bring stock Manhattan pedantry about Catholicism, let alone the writer’s upbringing up in the first sentence of an essay – and I DRAW for a living. Writing as though you are your greatest subject just makes people think you’re either reckless or Phyllis Diller.

Calling someone a “zesty Zionist party girl” does a nice job of proving that he haven’t had anything to say for years, and can’t even dope out Zionism from any of his other moronic pieties.

Va te branler, James.

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