Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Freed French Hostage Insisted on Staying in Harm's Way for Six Hours to Help American Soldiers Locate His Kidnappers

"M. Planche a insisté pour rester sur les lieux pendant six heures pour tenter de retrouver les ravisseurs", a précisé le commandant [Jim Crawford, de la 10e division de montagne] (Le Monde)
Even though his kidnappers allowed him to listen to the radio and keep a personal journal — how thoughtful of the dears — Bernard Planche is one Western hostage who did not give in to the Stockholm Syndrome, helping in turn the United States army troops who freed him.

(By the way, take a couple of minutes to check out the soldiers' year in photos to the tune of Bob Seger's Like a Rock. This is the type of presentation that your average lucid Frenchman will scoff at. I think it's a safe bet that Bernard Planche is not among those ever-so-wise souls. Update: No wonder Planche has been getting cavalier treatment after his return home.)

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