Tuesday, December 06, 2005

US overlading old Iranian aircraft

A plane crashes in Iran. The BBC World Service’s World (Don’t) Have Your Say by virtue of the callers that they screen, leaps immediately to the conclusion that the US’ embargo is at fault. Their news division did a slightly better job, but part of their hourly top news story includes the slam about spare parts for these 30 year old aircraft that are so completely ubiquitous that there are part-makers worldwide.

«The Iranian air force is believed to have about 15 ageing US-made C-130s in operation, dating back to before the 1979 Islamic revolution and the US boycott of Iran.

The country's civil and military aircraft have a poor safety record.

In 2003, an Iranian Ilyushin-76 troop carrier crashed in south-east Iran killing all 276 Revolutionary Guard soldiers and crew aboard.

Officials blame the high frequency of crashes on a lack of aviation spare parts due to US sanctions.»
The US' responsibility? Pardon me? Does the US embargo stop Iran from buying Russian, Chinese, or European aircraft? Iran has a terrible history with air crashes – mainly from Antonovs and other Russian and Ukrainian aircraft.

Is the US somehow also responsible for the 10 story, 30 meter high block of flats built in the landing profile too? Did they build the gas compression station sited next to an apartment building?

For those comparing this aweful accident with the 9-11 attacks, one MUST ask: do they think that the crew of the C-130 acted with intent as al-Qa’ida did? It was overweight and not maintained – obviously the flight crew were all American lackeys, and not just negligent.

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