Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Haven for terror

It must be nice to be a terrorist or a terror suspect in Ye Olde Europey... No-one will interrogate you, no-one will extradite you, your rights will matter more than you victims', and all you have to do is wave the name of an exotic religion which has nothing to do with crime in order to make the hypocri-gentsia fearful.

Want to learn a real lesson from religion? As the Christian calendar recently marked the birth of John the Baptist, a lesson for present day culture is quite obvious: his father was muted by doubt, which isn't just what the ultra-left suffers from, but what they want to silence the rest of us with: construct doubt in others’, and then manufacture your own kind of consent.

Even leftists can learn from this: look at the facts where the terror culture's intentions are involved - see their goals, stop having doubts about whether it's wrong to oppose terror, and quit playing with fire. The rules they want to put in place, (their rule,) is suicidal for civilization.

I can almost see it now - some people on the continent who are so confused and fearful, that any mention of their "aboriginals'" religion making them wince... good. Face your own bigotry for once.

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