Friday, December 09, 2005

Justice only goes one way. In EUtopia, it’s south.

In this case the renegades think by acting on their idea of the public good, that their destruction of property is legal. The court (which seems to no loger have an actual concept of what property rights are) backed them.

«PARIS (Reuters) - the appeals court of Orleans (Loiret) released 49 people who had destroyed two fields of genetically modified corn in 2004 and 2005. The court found that they had acted "in response to a danger of the consequences of releasing GMOs into the environment, even though their use is permitted under French law, even though it’s in contravention with the constitutional law on maintaining healthy environment". The Green deputy Noël Mamère, himself found by a court in Toulouse for the same act, was delighted by a "great victory" and a "historical first". "It is at the will of the president of the Republic who introduced the environmental “Precautionary Principle” into the Constitution, he told Reuters. "For the first time in the history of justice, a French court comes to give legal backing to this principle and it is a great victory for rights." Noël Mamère requests from now on the final acceptance of the anti-GMO and a democratic debate in Parliament on the subject. The American firm Monsanto, owner of the two destroyed fields, had claimed 398.000 euros in damages.»
Now aren't you a good little robot, Noël. The chemical pesticide industry must be pleased.

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