Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another reason for leftists to support Syria

Maronite Church Calls for International Probe into Mass Graves.

I wonder how this will be received or addressed at all by the “peace camp.” With their usual mewling and talking in circles, western leftists who are barely familiar with the region, many among them are comfortably finding common cause with yet another dweller of the dead pool for no other reason than to prop up their personal animus. If they miss Alexanderplatz circa 1982, they’ll find a great deal to love.

In the mean time they can go on and on about the “real” terrorists, and like a lunatic on the BBC World Service’s Newshour this afternoon, allege that the US has killed 1000 people for every victim in the World Trade Center, and that the 4 British citizens in Gitmo were continuously tortured continuously for 4 years. 2 818 000 people? Really?

The fact that the detention facility hadn’t even existed for 4 years doesn’t matter much to him, I’m sure. Nor do facts of real harm and oppression seem to matter to them at all.

The insidious insularity of their fantasies is so great, that they may not even be able to deal with the world outside their communes. They have the ideologies, they have the banners, they’re practiced in denial, now all they need is the Wall.

As for whether any among notice a Mass Grave at all, well, we’ll see.

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