Friday, December 09, 2005

I thought they had too many to begin with

Belgium needs wankers. Oh, Happy, happy... while the French are trying to keep kids from entering the misery and psychological desert of collapsed families, ones which exhibit the highest propensity for domestic violence, by the way, people on the margins are trying to undermine it and do whatever they can to bring unhappy and socially dependant people into the world.

AFP: French lesbians exhausting Belgian sperm banks

«PARIS, Dec 5 (AFP) - French lesbians have been crossing the border to Belgium in search of medical procedures to get pregnant, which are denied in France, creating a new sort of baby boom at Belgian fertility clinics.

Last year, 72 percent of the patients for insemination from sperm donors came from France, and the majority of them were lesbian, according to Dr Anne Delbaere, head of the fertility clinic at Erasme Hospital in the Belgian capital.

"We do not have sufficient sperm donations in reserve to meet all the requests" for insemination, Delbaere said at a recent conference on homosexual parenting in Paris.

Line and Magali, two teachers in the Paris region, have a lot of praise for the "moral support" they received from the Belgian hospital as Line went through 18 inseminations in three years before conceiving a daughter.

Delbaere said her Belgian clinic has been forced to limit appointments, suggesting that "it is perhaps time to change attitudes in France."

Since the French bioethical law of 1994, medical help for procreation is reserved for heterosexual couples who are married or who have been together for more than two years.

"We have friends of all sexes, sexualities, colors. Our daughters are not cut off from half the human race because they do not have a father!" added Boekholt, who with her partner has written a book about the experience.»
Never mind the narcissistic adults projecting their worst ideas and their problems on children – think about how they think “diversity” is a substitution to a growing up without a good father, expecting familial moral support from a hospital, and exciting a new European moral “race to the bottom”.

Meet generation “wasted load.”

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