Sunday, November 27, 2005

To boldly go where no Realpolitiker has gone before

This is why John Bolton rocks. For precisely the same reasons that leftists and Europe’s “Gutmenschen,” “nuanced” übermenschliche-thinkers, and others who are motivated to conceal their confusion and moral deficits hate him:

UN Condemns Hizbullah Thanks to Bolton:

Senator Kennedy thought he wasn't UN Diplomat material? (I think that's really a complement)

Meanwhile, Martin Indyk, a likeable American diplomat with a British accent was criticizing the 'tough' Bush administration attitude so they agreed to let the former Clinton admin diplomat go talk sense to the Syrian Dorktator. Now the amiable Mr. Indyk is bashing Mr. Assad because he lied to him in their face to face meetings? I'm shocked and chagrinned!

MEANWHILE - the tough so-called cretin devoid (supposedly) of diplomatic skills is getting landmark things done at the UN!!
I still don’t understand where the western left got it’s idea of diplomacy. What they hope for is ineffectual, and doesn’t even take advantage of diplomacy itself or even soft power. Their ideas truly are a hazard to the world’s well being.

Bolton is not playing games. He is VERY clear about the enforcement of 1559 and to have so control put on a violent extra-governmental element like Hezbollah. If you think the two motivations aren’t compatible then you don’t understand diplomacy at all. It is about give and take. It’s about having a vision when others don’t, which often requires a complex series of conditions. The end-goal is the peace that Bolton’s critics think they can achieve by doing none of this.

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