Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hostages taken in their war

in their war against the U.S.:

«The German Foreign Ministry has reported that one of its citizens in Iraq has been missing for five days.

Germany's ARD television reported the woman had been kidnapped and that the pictures were taken from a video demanding Germany stop any dealings with Iraq's government.

The group said it would not identify the other three people taken hostage, but stressed it worked on behalf of Iraqi civilians.

"The team's work has focused on documenting and focusing public attention on detainee abuses, connecting citizens of Iraq to local and international human rights organisations, and accompanying Iraqi civilians as they interact with multinational military personnel and Iraq's government officials," the group said.»
Make that the lefts war agaist the U.S. A small band of kidnappers seems to have made 80 million Germans very easy to manipulate - nearly into mush. One of the group is a retired professor and peace campaigner in his 70s. The kidnappers will likely very easily evoke more sympathy from German peaceniks for those who kidnapped their "co-religionists".

Mind control ray? We report, you decide.

I think we all know how theyre likely to react, but a surprise would be nice from time to time.

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