Friday, December 02, 2005

Values? They actually have values?

The middle minded in Europe have a kind of permanent rage about ‘certain’ parts of the world, forgetting entirely about the backward, small-minded, deadly state of corrosion within. On 1 December The Wall Street Journal ran an editorial on the predicable Kabuki of their moral outrage (subscription), the one which want to appear to intend to do good, but has yet to help anyone, anywhere, except to aggrandize the delusion of those who howl.

Never, NEVER, will they dare discuss or pay attention to their more harmful and unproductive practices of the same, or have enough actual moral forthrightness to understand that you can’t emotionally oppose war and emotionally support terror movements at the same time:

Europe is enthralled by another American "torture scandal." Governments demand the truth behind allegations, first made by the Washington Post last month, that the CIA has operated covert prisons in Europe and secretly transported terrorist suspects through European airports. Human Rights Watch claims to have located the prisons in "New Europe" -- Poland and Romania.
Indeed, let the theater begin. For the sake of our own self-hatred, the west needs to only fight with Nerf weapons, while we obsess with our own wrongness in going after scum who decapitate the people they kidnap. After all it’s the polite thing to do.
We'd be the first to applaud Europeans for finally concerning themselves with moral principles instead of commercial interests. Many of the Middle East's problems, including terrorism, would be easier solved if Europe were seriously concerned about morality. Europe would no longer be Iran's No. 1 trading partner, and its companies wouldn't be able to attend trade fairs in Sudan anymore.

Unlike American companies -- recently defamed in Germany as "(blood) suckers" and "locusts" by the former government -- European firms are quite busy in Sudan. The chamber of commerce and industry in Stuttgart has enthused over what great opportunities Sudan's oil resources offer to German companies.

Lest people think they are doing something morally reprehensible, the salesmen from Stuttgart prefer to describe the massacres of black Africans in Darfur as "political disturbances."

Where is the outrage? How does that jibe with supposed European values?

In much of Europe's public debate, the true meaning of human rights has degenerated into a tool that gives anti-Americanism an aura of legitimacy. The real, horrendous human-rights violations in the Middle East, North Korea, China, Cuba, etc., are largely ignored or relegated to news blurs on the back pages. For front-page coverage, you need an American angle.
An angle that would be painful for many of them to see, therefore it isn’t presented. When you’re dealing with emotional adolescents, you need to realize that one of the biggest reasons they say and do things, even when they no longer believe them, is because it is embarrassing to admit to others and oneself that they were ever wrong. It is very literally the hobgoglin of the small mind – and it thinks an rubber wristband or a “Free Tibet” sticker will actually “Free Tibet.”

After all, aren’t they people who can do anything? If they think about something often enough, it can BE! If they can dream of a perfect world, it’s possible right?
Let's look at some recent European violations of human rights.

Let's imagine for a moment the media coverage, the moral outcries and the calls for inquiries if those unfortunates had not been harmless migrants held in the City of Lights but jihadi terrorists held by Yankee soldiers?

Or take the double standard about allegations that CIA planes have used European airports to bring terror suspects to third countries where they might be tortured. The fact that Europe routinely sends back thousands of asylum seekers to countries where they could be tortured does not make the front pages, though.
. . .
Those decrying secret prisons and tougher interrogation methods (assuming the allegations have some validity) have yet to spell out what kind of "humane" treatment they would give to bombers whose mission it is to destroy Western civilization. If they can't, their complaints are hypocritical and intellectually shallow. How many bombing murders on European soil does it take for this realization to sink in?
Nor have they ever done anything to definitively help the poor or the oppressed in the world other than wallow around in their love of themselves with ‘the world’s biggest white ribbon.’ In effect it’s one part of brain-dead ‘wristband generation’ trying to outdo another part of it, in their inability to do anything.

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