Thursday, December 01, 2005

It looks like they messed with the wrong lady

Merkel grew up behind the iron curtain. She seems to know what the face of evil looks like:
Germany will not be blackmailed by kidnappers, says Merkel:

«"We will not be blackmailed," said Merkel in her first speech to the German parliament since taking office last week. "We cannot fail in our fight against terrorism."

In a video delivered by the kidnappers to a public TV station in Baghdad, the kidnappers demanded the German government to stop cooperating with the Iraqi government and threatened to kill the hostages otherwise.»
She also seems to know well enough what diplomacy is. To take on these clowns she appears to realize that she has to ‘slip a slimy one’ to the left at home as well as the kidnapping decapitators and their bewilderingly naïve passive supporters.
«Also on Wednesday, Susanne Osthoff's sister Anja urged the German government to show flexibility to save the life of Susanne.

"I hope that the government is not too obstinate and will give more thought to changing its policy on Iraq," said Anja. »
Is that a call to take a realistic line with global jihad, or a dhimm view regardless of the cruelty and criminality of the actions?

One could look at it as a small beginning for Merkel, given the narrow set of views she’s forced to work with in Germany. Merkel condemns Iran's statements on Israel:
« German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday condemned as "absolutely unacceptable" statements by Iran's president that Israel should be "wiped off the map."»
Euro-lefties might be convinced of some sort of cloudy concept to support this, such as it representing a muscular form of feminism for the gilded age that they’re hoping for. What I see is a leader who understands perception and has her head screwed on straight. Don’t forget that Woodrow Wilson started off with a generally domestic focus only to find himself doing a great deal of international statesmanship.
As someone would say, “developing”…

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