Monday, May 23, 2005

No mention of fascist torture

The Talibs tortured this man becuase he taught English

Nattering criticism of the US government about torture from a
Fake western religionist who makes no mention of Syrian, Egyptian, PA, Taliban, Hizballah, Ba'athist torture at all. Hell, what about torture 'Mugabe style', lady? Just some of the usual blather from someone who acts like she majored in Self-Esteem with a minor in Invented Class Hatred.

«"We do not need women to work. What positive roles can they play in the society? What is the impact of their roles? We do not need women. They should stay in their houses"»
- Mullah Manon Niazi. Taliban leader, and appointed Governor of Mazar-e Sharif

Maybe she should read a little more before lecturing the Department of Defence. Normally women can't wait to shred a mysogenist.

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