Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Merchants of death

European Parliament President: Fighting "Moral Discrimination" against homosexuals is an E.U. "Duty"

«The remarks made fly in the face of reality since the EU, and many of its members, are actively engaged in denying individuals the basic rights such as life and freedom of religion, for example: abortion, euthanasia, rights to religious dress in France, etc.

Most worrisome are the comments that seemingly indicate a dictatorial and totalitarian mindset. The EU president concluded his statement saying the EU had a duty to continue to struggle against discrimination and violence related to sexual orientation, in all countries, by all means."»
One's morality is a guide to making decisions. Naturally it's discriminating between one thing and another. That is what a choice actually IS. What lefty is trying to tap-dance around is his OWN discrimination against others' morality, and promotes it's own: namely non-propagation of the species. On one front, by promoting a way of living. In this case an inherently sterile one.

To support that on another front, daily and in a thousand places, the choice is made to shun any sort of healty normalcy. Inflate beyond any plausible scale any problem that they can link to people who aren't members of the trans-national death cult. All the while ignoring the problem that decades of leftist social propaganda itself creates... Adults projecting their problems on the young isn't just arrogant and self-indulgant, it's doing them a great disservice.

Raising children requires people to leave their selfishness behind. It's almost as though this chasm in public view is caused by natural selection. One between those that create life and raise their children, and those that just try to manipulate society to make themselves feel more comfortable with the choices that they made for themselves.

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