Friday, May 27, 2005

All That Troublesome and Inconvenient Pluralism.

Leftists are so quick to dispose of democracy and pluralism when it suits them, right after, of course, they lecture their ideological opponents that they’re “tearing up the constitution”…

This pearl of wisdom of wisdom is distilled from an item in Netherlands’ Algemeen Dagblad:


«On the other hand, there are also people in the ruling coalition who seem to think that the importance of voting as a cornerstone of democracy is overrated. Sophie In 't Veld, an MEP for junior coalition party D66, explains in the Algemeen Dagblad that in the case of the EU referendum she even thinks that voting could actually be undemocratic... at least if people are planning to vote 'no'.»
Indeed – DON’T ask the people. It’s none of their business after all, and voting is just a pretense to pacify the filthy peasants… Oh and Bush “stole” another election. The left in the US is already putting “Bush was re-re-defeated” stickers on their car bumpers. To which some say this, even if it falls on deaf ears.

«According to Ms In't Veld, the problem is that all 25 EU members need to ratify the EU constitution before it can come into force. So if the Netherlands turned out to be the only country voting 'no', then this tiny little blot on the map would single-handedly block the will of the others.
And that, Ms In 't Veld argues, would be undemocratic... so in order to be good democrats, people should either stay at home or vote 'yes' as the government wants.»
The power of the vote, indeed. The autor only proves that either the case for the EU Constitution has not been made, or that people don’t think it’s not good enough.
No wonder the most socialistic European states feel so much “solidarity” with dictators. Where are the lectures about ‘public consensus’, the ‘chain of trust’, and ‘inclusion’? It seems that they don’t recognize that words have meaning, beyond the usefulness that they have in badgering the public and pandering to them.

Congrats, lefty – you’ve lost your last link with reality.

Hoping for a Mickey Mouse nation

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