Monday, May 23, 2005

The Masters of Instant Amnesia

Europeans are masters of instant amnesia
writes Ralph Peters in the New York Post.
When they find themselves shamed by history, they simply move on. That's what they're doing now.

[Peters recently spent a] week in Europe watching acrobats perform. There were no high-wires or circus tents — just left-wing intellectuals contorting themselves into bizarre shapes as they "explained" the changing Middle East.

A few Euro-papers raised the possibility that Bush might have been right about some things — only to knock down that notion with excuses so convoluted even the writers and editors couldn't begin to believe them. They were trying, desperately, to save face.

The commonly agreed alibi runs that the Middle East was changing on its own, that Anglo-American actions had little or no effect, that the outbreak of democracy has been on the way for years, that the Arabs did it themselves.

Oh, really? Guess our troops overlooked the warehouses full of multi-party ballots when they took Baghdad.

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