Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Leftist social policy stifle human development

Star Parker, commenting on the New York Times editoral expose on income and "class" mobility has a lesson for society - and especially as "social Europe" numerically overwhelms the functioning of European Government(s):

«... let's keep history in perspective. The period of time during which class mobility in the United States has become increasingly sluggish has also been a time of unprecedented social legislation.

During the last half-century, in which we've had a war on poverty, affirmative action and minimum-wage laws, income gaps have grown and the class into which one has been born has become an increasingly reliable predictor of the class in which one will die.»

In other words is makes ones' circumstances more likely to be permanent, especially for those with the least. It isn't just the prospects for the next generation that are stifled, but also hope.

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