Friday, October 01, 2004

France's Official News Channel:
"Bush Blindly Repeated … His Lies"

Although it concludes that John Kerry came out ahead in the first presidential debate, the France 3 TV channel remains pretty objective
throughout its news presentation. But then the speakerine turns to Christian Malar for (quote unquote) "analysis":

There was no knock-out in the debate, notes Malar, only points made, and Kerry made most of them. So far, so good.

But, using European journalism's usual tricks, the analysis that started on a foot of objectivity veers into (self-serving) opinions that caricature the president and, incidentally, Americans in general (emphasis ours). Malar:

  • Bush repeated blindly that the war had been a good thing
  • Kerry struck the spirit of the Americans…
  • …[in informing them that] Bush had lied
  • In the final analysis, Kerry sowed doubt in the ranks of the Republicans

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