Sunday, September 26, 2004

Touple Shtantards

"There's no limit to the critique of America and the American government in the German media and in German politics — but please note, dear American friends: this is a one-way street only."
It’s perfectly all right for the Germans to call President Bush a Nazi, it’s perfectly all right for the Germans to criticize everything about America, to lionize [Fahrenheit 911 director] Michael Moore and treat our soldiers as second-class human beings … but they want to try and censor the American media.
said Colonel Ralph Peters, the center of the controversy. His crime? Having written an op-ed that included sentences like this:
Regarding the Democrats’ claim that we’ll lose influence in Europe, the obvious question is, ‘What influence?’ We’re not stabbing our French and German ‘allies’ in the back. They stabbed us. And they’ll do it again. Our troop posture in Europe doesn’t give us influence over the Europeans — it gives the Europeans power over us.

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