Monday, September 27, 2004

FahrenHype 911

"Would the French listen to the man who got Bill Clinton re-elected in 1996?" asks Frank Hart rhetorically, answering the question himself.

"I doubt it, since he's now supporting Bush.  But if there is anyone in France interested in hearing the truth in response to the complete propaganda that is Michael Moore's "documentary," then here's a place they can go to get a real documentary by Dick Morris that shoots holes through everything Moore says".

It's called FahrenHype 911, ladies and gents…

The larger answer to Frank's question is that, yes, the French (or the Europeans) are extremely open-minded: they will listen to all types of individuals, groups, political parties, political party members, nationalities as long as they cater (or seem to cater) to the Europeans' self-serving opinions, including their warped views of America's sins and their grandiose opinions of their own alleged humanism and visionary abilities. Anybody who does not cater to that self-serving viewpoint can expect to be submitted to dismissal, caricature, mockery, or castigation (including European individuals who will be dismissed as dimwits, morons, poodles, traitors, and/or turncoats*)…

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National Lampoon parody

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