Thursday, January 10, 2013

Americans Shouldn't Fret Over the American Flag Being Stomped On in a South Carolina High School, Tut-Tuts Critic

Parent Michael Copeland recounted that his daughter told him Chapin High English teacher Scott Compton took down the flag from their classroom and asked his students if it meant anything beyond being a piece of cloth. He then reportedly threw it to the ground and stomped on it, saying, according to Copeland's daughter, that "it's just a piece of cloth that doesn't mean anything."

Among the reactions to the MSN story of a South Carolina high school teacher being placed on administrative leave for stomping on an American flag, there was the following, from a person named krrisis:
Funny to see all these Americans being shocked.
Yes — Americans should just close their mouths and let their élites (politicians, "intellectuals", teachers, etc etc) do their thinking for them… Just like in Europe…
If this were to happen to any flag in Europe, it wouldn't even make the news.
Exactly — (insofar as the previous statement is indeed the truth) that's because the people who are in European news rooms are the same leftists who are in European class rooms… I believe Americans know something about that — ever heard of the mainstream media? (But even in spite of the MSM's best efforts, this type of stories manage to make it through in the land of freedom…)
Hope one day the US will wake up and understand that patriotism and nationalism can be a very dangerous thing.
Yes — if only British and American nationalists had kept their mouths shut in the 1940s, there were have been many fewer deaths on the battlefield in Nazi-dominated Europe. (Of course, there would have been many more in the concentration camps…) As Ronald Reagan said, there is an easy way to have peace — and that is to give in; to surrender…
And mr/mrs honey nut: no, the American flag is not a symbol for freedom to people worldwide, on the contrary.
Yes, that is certainly what foreign élites (politicians, "intellectuals", UN civil servants, teachers (!), etc) say. But if Old Glory is such a symbol of oppression, how come so many (ordinary) people are seen walking around in the street, in public, wearing it on their T-shirts?
Please wake up, and discover there is a world outside of the US (surprise, it's quite big).
How about telling Europeans, and Arabs, and Africans, and Asians:
"Please wake up, and discover there is a world outside of the élite-dominated societies throughout the world (unfortunately, it's quite small)"?