Friday, April 13, 2012

Look Who's Really Waging War on Women: Phyllis Schlafly Demands that Hilary Rosen Apologize to Ann Romney

Pointing out that if anyone is waging war on women, it is the Obama administration and the feminists — "who just don't like full-time homemakers" — Phyllis Schlafly calls on Hilary Rosen to make an apology — a real one — to Ann Romney…

Meanwhile, Barack Obama feels compelled to join the fray, while Politico's Donovan Slack twists the story to benefit the White House ("Republicans … slamming Dems relentlessly") and, not wishing to relinquish for a second the war on (for?) women imagery, ends his piece with a dire warning:
don't expect the GOP to give up its foothold any time soon in the battle over women voters.
Uh, Donovan, a couple of quick questions: who started it in the first place?! And doesn't that matter at all?!

As for the Huffington Post, it is in full damage control mood, with Jennifer Bendery taking Hilary Rosen's (self-serving) description of the uproar as fact — i.e., describing the scandal as a "faux war" against stay-at-home moms — all the while belittling it further by declaring that "Less than 24 hours after it started," it "appears to be coming to an end." And all this in the very first sentence!

Much more on Phyllis Schlafly here…

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