Monday, April 09, 2012

House Organ run by Stasi Early-Retirees Blames Jews for being Insulted by Anti-Israeli Comment

This cartoon appeared in Neues Deutschland, which was the house organ of the SED, the east German Communist party. Following the collapse of the regime it’s been owned by its successor, the Democratic Socialism Party (PDS), which is part of the unctuous Die Linke

Bat: "what must be said". That Grass meant by this, has to do with his notion that Israel is to be balmed for Iranians seeking nukes.

Wow! And to think that I believed their apologists who insist that the Iranians just want "peaceful atomic science" !

They are the only German party today to run a daily newspaper. So this defense of, and apologia for Gűnter Grass by these jokers.

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