Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You would Think they’d Prefer Loonies to Freaks and Perverts

Iceland considers adopting the Canadian dollar instead of the euro.
For the opposition party which initially floated the idea last summer, the Canadian dollar could be more attractive than the single currency.

Polls say seven out of 10 Icelanders want to ditch the kroner. But the population is split between the euro and the Canadian dollar. Surveys also show that just 26 percent want to join the EU.
Oddly enough, the fact that the Canadian dollar has always been a ‘single currency’ which has never been at risk of abandonment or collapse seems to go unnoticed by the Brussels-based journo.
In early March, Iceland's former leader Geir Haarde was put on trial for "gross negligence" on the banking collapse.
We await the beheading.

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